The core of Wudangshan Qigong Practices with Master Guan Yongxing 2019 September 21-22th

The core of Wudangshan Qigong Practices  
with Master Guan Yongxing
In France
2019 September 21-22th

Master Guan Yongxing  comes especially  from the birthplace of daoist taijiquan in Wudangshan to transmit for the first time in France.  He will share with us the the core practice of the internal arts of Nourishing Life (yangsheng, Qigong) according to Wudang principles. This workshop is based on various Qigong forms including the set of the 12 Brocades.

TEACHER Guan Yong Xin
Guan Yongxing is currently the official coach at the Wudang Taoist Wushu school. He has been awarded by the Chinese government the title “ National third –class Wushu expert” (in 2001).
Guan started to learn kungfu in a local martial arts school at the age of 11. At 13 years old, he was selected to enter the Wudang Kungfu Troupe because of his outstanding performance; he often went abroad with the troupe to impart Wudang Wushu and culture. He has been to many countries to demonstrate and compete in various international events. Currently he is often sent along the Chinese Daoist Association Chairman to represent  the Wusha aspect of Daoism. This is during his last meeting with Karine in Taiwan during an international daoist gathering that he decided to come to Franceto support the development of our centre Wuming gong.
ASSISTANT : Karine Martin (Jingxiu), PhD
Karine Martin (Jingxiu) is a french Daoist priestess with over 20 years experience of daoist practice including 15 years living full time in the temples of China. She is fully ordined into the Dragon gate lineage of the Complete Reality school since 2002. She holds a Phd in Daoism and is the founder and chairman of the French Daoist Association.
DATE: September 21-22nd  from 9 am to 5pm
LANGUAGE: Chinese translated into french
LOCATION in the Centre of France,Montlucon, Daoist Centre Wuming (Access, airports, Hostels)
REGISTRATION  the french daoist association afdaoiste@gmail.com

 160 € Teaching fee (Early booking: 140 € before July 15th / 150 € before August 15th)
+30 €  Mandatory membership of French Taoist Association

90€ full boarding for 2 nights in dorms and vegetarian meals :
Check-in the day before the workshop from 7pm onward. Check-out last day of the workshop 5pm . Please note NO Dinner on arrival. The package includes 2 nights in dorms + 2 lunchs + 1 diner + 2 breakfast.
For extra services outside of the workshop, please add the following: 26€ Extra night / 12€ extra meal / 6 € extra breakfast.  Please book very early as there are sleeping places for only 10 people!


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