Daoist Psychology 
Life Dynamics

 with Livia Kohn 

  March 8-10, 2019

in Montluçon, France

9 - 10 mars 2019 À Montluçon
2 jours 9h-17h avec pause déjeuner
Organisé par AFT
Enseignant principal: Livia Kohn

Accompagné de Karine Martin

Mind and body in Daoism form part of the same continuum of vital energy (qi), yet are expressed in different dimensions—spirit, heart-mind, emotions, inner nature, and destiny.

This workshop examines these on three levels: 
- the traditional Daoist understanding, 
- matching concepts in modern science, 
- and ways of modification in terms of personal energy management.

In the second half, we then apply our new appreciation of the Daoist mind-body system to the dynamics of day-to-day living. 
Understanding first the powerful flow of yin and yang in various dimensions, we will look at our rela-tionship to material goods, living spaces, artistic and intellectual endeavors, as well as different aspects of time, aiming to achieve an overall sense of right-ness in our lives.

Livia Kohn

One of the world’s foremost scholars, Livia is Professor Emerita of Religion & East Asian Studies at Boston University. Her specialty is Daoism and the study of Chinese longevity practices. She has written and edited numerous books and articles. 
Livia is also the organiser of  the International Daoist Studies Conferences held yearly around the world since 2003.
A long-term practitioner of taiji quan and meditation, she is also a certified instructor of yoga and qigong as well as a Core Health facilitator. 

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