Daoist Alchemy of the Celestial heart with Master Shuijing June 15-16th 2019

Daoist Alchemy of the Celestial heart
with Master Shuijing
In France
2019 June 15-16th

Master Shuijing (miss)  comes exceptionally  from China to transmit for the first time in Europe the practice of internal alchemy of the celestial heart. This practice is based on the Daoist classic "the secret of the Golden Flower" and the esoterical map of the body (the Xiuzhen tu).

Shuijing for the theoretical part will comment on the text and the esoteric map of the body . It is therefore an excellent opportunity for participants to learn about two of the most important tools of the Neidan transmission.

The practical part will consist in various forms of meditation of Daoist Alchemy. One of the sessions will be held at night in order to learn how to collect the energy of the stars to activate your heavenly heart. This will restore your reconnection with your true being and the cosmos.

Shuijing (Crystal), PhD
Miss Shuijing has  more than 30 years of experience in Taoist practices. Shuijing is born from Daoist parents who  initiated her to Daoism from a very early age. Her mother gave her  the name of Crystal (shuijing) because she dreamed of a crystal during her pragnancy. At the age of eight Crystal formally began her training in energy practices (meditation, Qigong, Alchemy). She was also trained in rituals, talismans, divination, chinese medicine. However her main practice is meditation. Later on she was appointed Director of the Taoist teachings in the temple of her parents called the Temple of the Golden Orchid in Hong Kong. For the last several years, she has been runing many classes of meditation, Alchemy, Qigong throughout the region of Hong Kong. She has a PhD  related to Daoist alchemy from  the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she teaches regularly Daoism. It was during her PhD that she became friends with Karine.
ASSISTANT : Karine Martin (Jingxiu), PhD
Karine Martin (Jingxiu) is a french Daoist priestess with over 20 years experience of daoist practice including 15 years living full time in the temples of China. She is fully ordined into the Dragon gate lineage of the Complete Reality school since 2002. She holds a Phd in Daoism and is the founder and chairman of the French Daoist Association.
DATE: June 15-16th from 9 am to 5pm + night session on Saturday.
LANGUAGE: English translated into french
LOCATION in the Centre of France,Montlucon, Daoist Centre Wuming
Access, airports, hotels  
REGISTRATION via the french daoist association afdaoiste@gmail.com

 190 € Teaching fee (excluding food and room)
+30 €  Mandatory membership of French Taoist Association

90€ full boarding for 3 nights and day including :
Check-in the June 14th from 7pm onward. Check-out June 16th, 5pm . Please note NO Dinner on arrival. The package includes 2 nights in dorms (june 14-15 th) + 2 lunchs + 1 diner + 2 breakfast.
For extra services outside of the 3 days retreat, please add the following: 26€ Extra night / 12€ extra meal / 6 € extra breakfast.  Please book very early as there are sleeping places for only 10 people!

On the Book Secret of the Golden Flower according to Osho :
This book, The Secret Of The Golden Flower, is one of the most esoteric treatises in the world. It will show you the way to become more than the body. It will show you the way to go beyond death. It will show you the way to bloom - how not to remain a seed but to become a Golden Flower. What in India we have called the one-thousand-petalled lotus, in China they call the Golden Flower. It is a symbol.
The flower represents perfection, totality. The flower represents the uttermost expression of the potential, the actualization of the potential. The flower represents the beauty, the grandeur, the splendour of being. And unless you have become a thousand-petalled lotus or a Golden Flower...
On the Daoist Map of the body https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiuzhen_Tu 

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