Meditation and Daoyin retreat with Shijing

Meditation and Daoyin retreat 
with Shijing
2019 June 29th – July 1st


Emptying out is an essential part of being on retreat and allows us to be present with, and open to, whatever arises. A space can arise naturally for us, where nothing needs to be added or taken away. We can begin to appreciate our being on a simple and organic level. This quiet change from doing to being is Daoist cultivation.
we always begin with an informal introduction to the daoist view. Based on ancient root texts, these clear and insightful perspectives on the Dao are fundamental to our approach to cultivation.


On this retreats, we will be learning a set of seated daoyin movments. These include self-massage and simple postures, followed by Tranquil Sitting meditation. Shi Jing will also give talks on the daoist view to help shape our approach to this cultivation.


Shi Jing is the British Daoist association chairman. He is an English daoshi (Daoist adept) with over fourthy years experience ofcultivation. He first studied the Dao in the seventies with Giafu Feng, a Chinese Daoist well known for his translation of the Daode jing. Later he travelled to Chinaand in 1995 he became the disciple of Feng Xingzhao, who initiated him as a 31st generation daoshi of the Dragon Gate tradition.

Karine Martin (Jingxiu) is a french Daoist priestess with over 20 years experience of cultivation including 15 years living full time in the temples of China. She is fully ordined into the Dragon gate lineage of the Complete Reality school since 2002. She also hold a Phd in Daoism and is the founder and chariman of the French Daoist Association.

 290€ Teaching fee 3 days (excluding food and room)
+30€ membership of French Taoist Association ( free for BTA members)

ACCOMODATION IN DORMS OUR CENTRE :158€ full boarding for 3 nights and day including:Check in june 28th from 7pm onward. Check-out July 1st 5pm . Please note NO Dinner on arrival. This includes 3 nights in dorms (june 28-29-30th) + 5 meals (3 lunch + 2 diners) + 3 breakfast.
LOCATION in the Centre of France,Montlucon, Daoist Centre Wuming

For extra services outside of the 3 days retreat, please add the following: 26€ Extra night / 12€ extra meal / 6 € extra breakfast.  Please book very early as there are only sleeping places for only 10 people!

Booking via the British Daoist association retreats@daoists.co.uk
Contact the french daoist association afdaoiste@gmail.com
Details, airports, hotels  https://sites.google.com/view/france-tao/english

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