Video CCTV upclose (2006) Interview Karine Martin

Karine Martin (景秀) -- French Taoist Priest



Source: CCTV.com

11-17-2006 15:41

Taoism…we have all heard of it, but not many of us truly know or understand what it is or the power behind it. For one special French woman, Taoism has become a way of life. She is Karine Martin…also known by her Tao name…Jing Xiu.

Karine Martin is from Montlucon, a small town in southern France. She graduated from Paris University as a physician, and for nearly five years, worked in England, where she conducted research on the brain’ s reaction to drugs. One day in 1998, an English friend took her to meditation. That was her first exposure to Taoism. When she describes the feeling from that experience several years ago, she is still surprised: “meditation made me relax, and I never had such feeling. I always thought I had known a lot of things. Until now, I just know that I still have things I have never known. ” This first experience made her fall in love with Taoism. Afterwards, she read the English and French version of “Lao Tse” and “Chuang Tse”, and fell even more in love with Taoism. As a result, she quit her job in England and came to China to be a Taoist.

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